Volcanoes National Park

The scenic Virunga Mountains are situated in the Northern Province of Rwanda, on the border of Rwanda, DRC and Uganda. These mountains consist of 6 Volcanoes, 125 km2 of mountain forest, and are home to the famous gorilla families.


The Volcanoes National Park was the very first national park to be gazetted in Africa in the year 1925, as a small area bounded by Karisimbi, Bisoke and Mikeno volcanoes, intended to protect the gorillas from poaching.


Other activities to be enjoyed in this park apart from the Gorilla Trekking include a walk to the numerous caves, a number of cultural and community tours and bird watching.


For the sport enthusiast there are a number of hiking trails in the majestic Virunga Mountains or you can enjoy cycling the area, boating on the Twin lakes or even try your hand at fishing.


Development is proposed of further extreme sports in the area, such as mountain climbing.


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