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About Kenya
No other country on earth can offer the visitor as much to see and do. Within the borders of a single country, you will find savannahs rich with big game, timeless cultures unchanged by the modern world, pristine beaches and coral reef, equatorial forests and mighty snow-capped mountains, searing deserts and cool highland retreats and endless opportunities for adventure, discovery, relaxation; more than you would ever expect...
Kenya is the home of the Safari and for over a hundred years Kenya has attracted adventurers and romantics travelers from all over the globe. This has been the setting of some of history’s greatest adventure tales. This is the home of Out of A
The spirit of the Safari lives on today. The romance of sundown drinks, of evenings around a campfire and nights under canvas with the distant roar of a lion in the African night can still be found in Kenya.

The lure of Kenya has always been the same, the sheer variety of landscape, wildlife, human cultures and experience. No other African country can boast such diversity within its borders. Here you will find snow capped peaks and rolling savannah, pristine beaches and tropical rainforest, giant herds of elephants and flocks of flamingo, nomadic tribesmen and dhow sailors, and much, much more.

The Great Rift Valley
Kenya’s geographical diversity is born of the Great Rift Valley, an awesome natural divide that bisects the country. An age old route for both human and animal migration, the floor of the rift is home to a series of freshwater and soda lakes, each one supporting its own unique ecosystem. At several of the soda lakes the visitor can witness the astonishing spectacle of thousands of flamingo (both lesser and greater) gathering together to feed and breed.
The Rift is surrounded by dormant volcanoes, calderas and mountain ranges. Mt Kenya, who’s striking peak (17,000ft) is held sacred by the local Kikuyu tribe, provides one of the world’s rarest sights, equatorial snow. The surrounding highland forests and Aberdare ranges are alive with Elephant, Buffalo, and the rare Giant Forest Hog and elusive Bongo antelope.

Northern plains
The Northern plains are home to nomadic tribes including the Samburu and the Rendille, who move with their camel trains following dry riverbeds across a great semi arid wilderness. Here, rare species such as the Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra and Gerenuk are found.

Southern Kenya
Southern Kenya is Maasai land, and here Maasai communities maintain a traditional way of life. This is the home of the Maasai Mara Reserve, 588 sq miles of open plains, woodlands and forest. This world famous reserve supports an array of animal species with large grazing herds of Zebra, Giraffe, Gazelle, Buffalo and Topi. The Acacia woodlands are alive with birdlife. The Mara and Talek rivers are home to Hippos and Crocodiles. Everywhere there is a profusion of life.
Each year the Mara is the staging ground of one of nature’s greatest spectacles- the migration of over 1.3 million wildebeest from the Serengeti. A surging column of life, these massive herds pour across the plains, bringing the Mara to life. The profusion of grazing animals makes the Mara a perfect hunting ground for predators. Leopard and Cheetah are often seen, but the Mara is truly the Kingdom of the Lion, and these majestic predators dominate the landscape.

East Kenya
Further east is Amboseli, where large herds of Elephants move across broad dusty plains to a series of wetland swamps. The massive reserves of Tsavo East and West comprise 10million acres of pure wilderness, a birding paradise with an endless array of species of weavers, hornbills, sunbirds, rollers, and raptors.

Western Kenya
In Western Kenya, there is rainforest and the wide blue waters of Lake Victoria. This lake is the home of the massive Nile Perch, a challenging freshwater trophy for any game fishing devotee.

Kenyan Coastline
The Kenyan Coastline is a paradise of palm fringed beaches and the warm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. Extensive Coral reef systems with spectacular sea life make for world class diving and snorkeling.
It is this myriad diversity within a single country that has established Kenya’s name as the home of the safari. With so much to choose from, Kenya is the perfect destination for the free spirited traveler.

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