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 Situated in the Rift Valley of Kenya, visit the Running Training-Iten at a High Altitude of 2450m above the sea level with a very quiet friendly environment, 40 km away from the Eldoret city. There is no doubt about the fitness it will give you and the attractive sceneries you will enjoy – as the Rift Valley is the biggest crowd-puller of all diverse collections of African wildlife and natural beauty in the continent. Just come and train with famous Africa long distance athletes who are from the area, perfect your physical fitness and gain natural smooth breathing in the High Altitude Training Centre (HATC) based in Iten/Eldoret.
For these high value tours we take you to Western Kenya where you interact with the local communities, mainly the Luo, and help them in their every day chores including fishing on Lake Victoria.
The Luo community is one of the communities dubbed the River-Lake Nilotes and that is composed of different clans that speak one (Dholuo) language. They live around the shores of Lake Victoria. Though the arm of modernity has not left out this community, there are still a few customs and traditions that govern the Luo’s lifestyle. Here, share in one of the luo family’s way of life or join them in performing some of the home activities e.g. cooking, milking cow, going to market to find food, farming, and also sharing with kids in a school about your life.
The father of the USA president Barack Obama is from a Luo community.

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