Island Tour



One of the many tiny island dotted of Zanzibar’s west coast, Beware is renowned for its exceptionally breathtaking marine life, becoming a popular site for both snorkeling and scuba diving. This is a half a day tour.


The island was formerly know as (French Island) and has a cemetery that was reserved in 1879 by the ruling Sultan and was later consecrated by Bishop Steer (who built the famous Anglican Cathedral on the site of old slave market) in 1880. The cementry contains graves from residence of Zanzibar officials and men of the Royal Navy and Merchant Marine amongst which are British sailors who were killed in action with a German cruiser in 1914. This is a half a day tour.


This half a day tour boat ride to the island in a small wooden motorized boat is a must when visiting Zanzibar.

Earning its namesake as a former prison for slaves, and a quarantine station for Kenya, Uganda and then Tanganyika,

Nowadays the island gives you the chance to escape for some peace and quite, A hundred year old giant tortoises act as unlikely vigilant over the island and you cannot help but wonder what tales they would tell if only they could talk,

Approximately one kilometer long and quarter of a kilometer wide, the location is perfect for swimming & snorkeling after a stroll round the island.

Keep the best till last because it really like diving into champagne the water is so clear

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