Bawe Island, only 25 minutes by boat from the dive centre, has a lovely reef stretching right around it. Particularly good are the south and north sides of the island. With a maximum depth of 18m these sites suit all levels of diver Here you will find beautiful corals like Acropora, Staghorn, Brain Corals and a large variety of reef fish. On the South Side are two fantastic coral dives, one along a shallow 12 m line and the second being a number of large coral bommies all of which sit at around 18m. This site involves swimming past coral walls and over sand, past rays and sponges as we search for each bommie, all of which team with life, before crossing more sand in search for the next...The North side is a continuous coral wall, displaying amazing textures and hiding a huge array of life. Watch out for the hiding octopus and the turtles that sometimes pay us a visit here.


Murogo has three great sites, two of which have rightly earned themselves the names of ‘the Aquarium 1 and 2’. As we enter the water we start by Following a line of shallow coral before we come to a steep, sloping reef which drops down to 21m-24 m at its base. The dive is great at all depths and can be dived more shallow without losing any of the grandeur of this fantastic site. Here we can find a huge variety of coral and fish including puffer fish, octopus, trigger fish, clown fish, lion fish and countless schools of larger fish such as the beautiful yellow and black sweetlips. The complexity of the reef also hides moray eels, blue spotted rays, electric rays and octopus amongst many others. If it is coral you’re looking for, this is the place to come.


Pange reef is the first sand bank west of Zanzibar Town with a maximum depth 14m on the North side and 24m on the South side. Both sites have a great variety of coral and lots of tropical reef fish such as Clown Fish, Parrot Fish, Moorish Idol and many others. The South side site takes us along a coral wall and onto a number of bommies whereas the north side is characterised by a number of large and small bommies scattered over the area making the diving here full of variety as we cover sandy spots and coral outcrops. Pange reef is also ideal for Open Water Diver courses as it offers calm and shallow waters


This reef is the largest of all reefs on the west coast and contains several dive sites, all of which are unique. A new species of coral has recently been identified on this reef and marine biologists believe it to be endemic to Nyange. It’s a little bit further away but there is a great variety of dives here with sites such as Turtles Den, Groupers Play Ground and Coral Bay. When conditions allow us, we love to pay it a visit

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