Lake Nakuru National Park


Lake Nakuru is world famous for lesser flamingo which literally turn its shores pink. Its birdlife is rich and was created a national park to protect, its stunning flocks of: a beacon for leading or-nithologists, scientists and wildlife film-makers. The park spans an attractive range of wooded and bush grassland around the lake, offering a wide ecological diversity, from lake water, woodland to rocky escarpments and ridges
Warm and dry
The park offers an incredible 450 difference species of water, fish-eating, terrestrial and migratory birds
Kenya’s first Rhino Sanctuary:
Established as Kenya’s first Rhino sanctuary, the park now hosts one of the largest black rhino concentrations in the country while substantial numbers of white rhino have also been introduced.
General Information:
Size: 188 Sq Kms, Altitude: 1,756 Meters above the sea level, Established in 1968 and Gazetted
It is IN Rift Valley Province and about 160 Kms from the Kenyan capital city NAIROBI
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